Top 9 Volunteer Opportunities in Newport Beach

How to Make the Community a Better Place

Volunteers are in constant need and often aren’t recognized enough for how much they contribute to the overall betterment of the community. It’s important to note that while many high schools require a certain number of volunteer hours before graduation, volunteering is not only for teenagers. Below are only a few of the many volunteer opportunities available for people of all ages who are interested in helping out others while making their home, and surrounding community, a better place.

Yes, life gets busy, and I’m sure most everyone reading this has a full schedule. But, the beauty of volunteering is how good it makes you feel. Whether you have one open day a week, or even an hour free here or there, consider making an investment in your community and giving something back. Gather your friends and donate your time doing something you’re passionate about, and make some new friends along the way! Make a difference in the world and positively influence those around you. Volunteering can be fun, so get out there and as Gandhi once said,“…be the change you want to see in the world.”


Education & Literacy

Newport Beach Public Library 1000 Avocado Ave, Newport Beach, CA | 949.717.3800

The Newport Beach Public Library allows many different volunteer opportunities including: office support, event planning, teaching classes, doing assessments, marketing and fundraising. They even offer tutoring positions! This would be a great opportunity for anyone who is a fan of the written word, enjoys books, or loves helping teach others. For more information on the different programs offered, and how you can become a volunteer for the Newport Beach Public Library, please click here.


Law Enforcement

Newport Beach Police 870 Santa Barbara. Newport Beach, CA | 949.644.3662

As a volunteer of the Newport Beach Police Department you are a VIP, meaning a “volunteer in policing”. Some of the requirements entail attending a Citizen’s Police Academy and working a minimum of 16 hours per month. There is also a Police Explorer’s Program in which volunteers serve the community through crowd control, parking control and traffic directing. But these aren’t the only volunteer opportunities offered through the NBPD, to check out all the programs available click here.



Newport Beach Animal Shelter 20302 Riverside Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92707 | 949.644.3717

Do you have a love for animals? Are you one of those people who wants to protect and take care of animals however you can? Then this is the perfect volunteer opportunity for you! As a volunteer of the Newport Beach Animal Shelter you will be doing your part in providing assistance to animals without homes. These poor animals need attention, care and love. But if you’re unable to volunteer your time in person, the Newport Beach Police Department accepts both monetary donations (which are tax deductible) as well as, food, treats, toys, grooming and cleaning supplies. If this sounds like something that interests you, please find more information here.

Nature & Wildlife

Newport Beach Natural Resources

Volunteers that give their time to the Newport Beach Natural Resources Nature and Wildlife Division can choose from a wide array of varying volunteer opportunities including: Education Volunteer, Monitoring Volunteer, Aquarium Volunteer, Social Media Volunteer, Community Day Volunteer, Snowy Plover Educator Volunteer, Beach Clean Up Assistant Volunteer, Administrative Volunteer, or a Tidepool Volunteer. To find out more about what each of these positions offer, click here.


Senior Citizens

OASIS Senior Center 801 Narcissus Ave, Corona del Mar, CA  | 949.718.1800

Senior citizens are one of our greatest assets when it comes to learning about who we are and where we came from — not to mention they usually have great stories to share! If you enjoy helping out seniors check out the fulfilling opportunities offered from OASIS. They offer multiple volunteer positions including: welcome desk, gift shop, lunch program, special event setup, Meals-on-Wheels, travel office, class leader and more. All volunteers are required to fill out an application which can be found here.

 Other Volunteer Opportunities

C.E.R.T. Community Emergency Response Team | 949.644.3381

C.E.R.T. stands for Community Emergency Response Team. By being a CERT volunteer you will take part in a program that is designed to you to help those in need in case a catastrophic disaster should strike. Course topics include: Introduction to Disaster Preparedness, Disaster Psychology and Team Organization, Disaster Medical Operation, Fire Suppression, Terrorism Awareness, Light Search and Rescue. If you think you have what it takes to become a member of CERT fill out an application here.

HOAG Hospital One Hoag Drive, Newport Beach, CA | 949.764.8264

Hospitals can sometimes have a negative connotation associated with them, due largely in part that it’s where we end up when we are feeling our worst. Which is why HOAG Hospital is seeking volunteers who are both cheerful and caring to assist with patients and visitors. Imagine being the person who can help put a smile on a sick patient’s face. The hospital needs volunteers like you! For people both interested in pursuing a career in the medical field, and otherwise, please consider applying to volunteer by calling the number listed above.


OneOC 1901 E. 4th St, Ste 100, Santa Ana, CA  | 714.953.5757

OneOC is an amazing organization that helps connect volunteers to an enormous range of nonprofits all over Orange County. If you’re not sure about where you want to volunteer I strongly suggest giving their volunteer calendar a look, and browse hundreds of open volunteer opportunities until you find the one most perfectly suited for you!

County of Orange

The County of Orange is another great resource for finding volunteer opportunities in the OC area. One of the best things about searching for opportunities on this website is the fact that they’ve broken down volunteer opportunities into different categories including: ongoing, short-term & holiday, teens & young adults, and professional-level. For a complete list of what’s available to you, click here.


Of course the opportunities listed above are only a small number of the many made available to you. However, it is my hope, that these provide a solid starting point to inspire a few of you to get out there and donate your time to a worthwhile cause.

If you have a volunteer experience that perhaps changed your life for the better, please share it with me at

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