5 Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer



on’t have an eye for design? Don’t give up on your home just yet, because there are people who live to make your house into a place you want to call home. While there may be reservations and myths about hiring an Interior Designer to help you make your new house into a home, we are here to shatter all preconceptions and tell you why hiring an Interior Designer may just be the best decision you ever make. These are only five of many benefits that one of these gurus have to offer.


You will save money. The idea that you can save money by hiring a designer always comes as a shock to people. People think if they are paying someone to do the work they can do themselves, then aren’t they losing money? But that thinking is all wrong. In fact, an Interior Designer is more likely to meet your budget than you are yourself because they know the best places to find what you are looking for at the best price. Also, think about the times when you have bought paint for a room, only to conclude that it wasn’t precisely the shade that you had in mind. We bet you were right back in your car on your way to buy another bucket. Sometimes, you can paint three or four times just trying to find the right hue. Or, maybe you bought accessories and furniture that didn’t quite fit. A designer can help you avoid making these costly mistakes, and even aid in making decisions that may increase the value of your home. An experienced designer will help you understand where every penny is going, something we sometimes have a hard time doing on our own.

You can take advantage of their connections. Designers know how to speak the language when it comes to architects, contractors, painters, and furniture and design warehouses- something most of us don’t know how to do! Having access to connections can improve your home in ways that you cannot do on your own. Further, designers who have worked in the field are going to have contacts that you can trust for home improvement. Hiring a designer might mean that you also get an electrician, contractor and plumber as well! For someone just buying or renting a new home, these contacts can be your saving grace when things come up.

You get access to beautiful showrooms. Along with their connections, designers will also have access to tons of product and fabric that is not available to the general public. With these resources, this designer can help turn your home into a unique space. Many people are wary of hiring a designer because they have heard that their own personal flair and style gets lost to the vision of the designer, but that couldn’t be more wrong. With these showrooms, designers are hoping that you might find something special to define your space that you cannot find in stores. There is a world of “trade only” furnishings and fabrics, and the doors can be opened to you with the key from an interior designer. Trust us; they are looking out for your vision way above their own.

You will save time. We know that in today’s busy world, time is money. With that said, what you can find in two hours, a designer can find in 15 minutes. Just like with any profession, Interior Designers have spent many hours perfecting their craft, which means they know the best locations and people to contact to find what you want. These designers have been trained and certified by schools, they have had time in the field, and they have experience in the same place that you may have none. These people will put their time and energy into making your home look beautiful so that you don’t have to. A designer will have a trained sense of what needs to get done and what time frame it can be completed in, so time is no longer a worry for you.

You will have peace of mind knowing that your home is being masterfully transformed by a trained expert. If nothing else, let this debunk your Interior Designer myths. Your home is being cared for by someone who’s job it is to care for your home. With attention to the details that we often miss, from proper lighting and furniture placement to fabric and pattern choices, a professional interior designer will make sure that your home is exceptional.

Designers are trained to look at a room and see its scale and proportion, balance, rhythm, emphasis and harmony. They look at a space and see it for its texture, shape and mass, patterns, lights, and color. Do you look at a room in your home and see all that? If the answer is no, there is only one solution- it’s time to hire an interior designer.

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