How to Add Texture to Any Room With Cisco Home

Cisco Home Shows Us Style With a Conscience


dding texture to your décor can change the look of an entire room. It’s a way to soften and neutralize your otherwise harsh furniture. It can even add grandeur and lushness to your simple bedroom.

Cisco Pinedo understands the beauty in the mixing of textures and knows that it goes beyond touch. It’s a matter of detail that can complete a picture. Whether it’s tangible, visual or thematic, textures are what tie everything in the room together.

When Cisco opened his business, Cisco Home, he looked to his roots for inspiration. “I do come from a community that was very pure,” he explains in an interview, “You don’t want to give that up even though you’ve been transplanted in a place where everything has been outsourced.” That’s why there is conscientiousness in every bit of his merchandise.

The overall feel from Cisco Home is one of luxury and familiarity. The history of each piece is highlighted, not hidden, because that’s where Cisco believes the beauty and ingenuity reside. Here are a few examples of how simple pieces and a couple details can elevate your living space.

Linear Thinking

One way to add texture to your home is to experiment with shapes. You can create intrigue and maintain balance by playing with the geometry of your design. In this room, the theme that ties it all together is the lines. The switched-up symmetry like the pattern of the wallpaper and the diamond folding on the ottoman keeps the setting harmonious and interesting.

Another thematic commonality is smoothness. The polished wood console with the rippling grain brings a raw element to the room. And although the wallpaper is color-blocked, the blended transitions between white and blue give the pattern a soft, natural look.

Not a wallpaper person? Take a cue from Cisco and try using textiles. It’s a simple way to add dimension to a plain wall.

Cisco and Maurishka Pinedo design all of the fabrics in Cisco Textiles. Maurishka believes that someone’s home is an extension of themselves. She finds her inspiration in vintage textiles from Africa, Bermuda and Morocco. All the fabrics are milled in Spain and made with high-quality materials like linen and 100% organic cotton. And their purposes are multifaceted. You can find their fabrics on chairs, headboards, pillows and duvets.


Subtle Luxury

Another way to play with texture is by mixing materials. It’s the perfect example of Yin and Yang or Venus and Mars. When it comes to interior design, opposites attract because they have a way of balancing each other out.

The luxe feel of the sofa balances out the cool toughness of the metal car rotor side tables. The sofa’s upholstery is made from velveteen. It’s a sure-fire way to create a Baroque statement while creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

A type of textural detail that need never be forgotten is lighting. It’s the icing on the cake. The sconces in this room emit a warm glow, which is perfect for relation and intimate conversation. They also echo back to the rotor side tables, which maintains the rugged metal theme.

Cisco sources these gorgeous lighting pendants from an LA glass blower named Jesus Garcia. The craftsmanship and individuality are evident in every one of his pieces. These jug lamps and globe pendants are a great way to add an unexpected touch of whimsy both indoors and out. With the variance of colors and shapes, you can easily get the look you’ve been craving.

Modern Charm

Colors and patterns are also good ways to bring texture into a design. This room, for example, has dreamy details like the blossom-pink blanket and the amorous X and O artwork, but that sweetness comes with some spice. By pairing soft accessories like the pillows and duvets with sharp, clean edges, the room radiates romance without being cheesy.

Having simple basics gives you the flexibility to play with the rest of your room. This bed is an essential design to Cisco Home for that very reason. The company recognizes the importance of ultimate customization, so they created slip covers for this headboard.

Any room needs a statement piece. This incredible chandelier made from old wine barrel hoops adds grandeur without excess.

More About Cisco Home

“We find inspiration from everywhere – in the texture and patterns found in nature, in traveling and in our own backyard.” Cisco Pinedo, CEO

Cisco Home has a contemporary design that offers something for everyone. Whether your home craves texture, basics or novelty, this company provides quality and care that can cater to those needs. For additional information on their furniture customization and free design consulting, you can visit their showrooms or contact them via phone or email. The Design and Sales Associates are all incredibly helpful. For the Costa Mesa Showroom, ask for Tanner Hartsock, an Associate whose knowledge and passion for the company made this article possible.

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