Curb Appeal: Why It’s So Important When Selling Your Home

First Impressions are Everything; Here’s What You Should Do to Spruce Up the Front of Your Home

First impressions can be tough. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners overlook this simple concept when selling their home.

The curb appeal of a home refers to the inferred value of its exterior. A home with good curb appeal will be attractive to the eye and give buyers a sense of confidence that this home is going to be a potential option for them. Just think, if a buyer is greeted with dead plants and grass, a rotted gate, and a dingy painted exterior, they are likely to have hesitations upon entering the home, tainting the tone of the tour.

However, a clean yard and a pleasant home will help sell the listing faster, and most likely for a higher price tag because of the positive affect curb appeal has on buyers. Not putting the correct amount of effort into the outside of your home can have detrimental effects on its sale and perceived value. Before putting your home on the market, follow these few tips to make sure that your home’s first impression is, well, impressive.

Paint the Exterior

While it may be an extra cost that you are unwilling to tack on while selling your home; it might actually be the most rewarding thing you do. A fresh coat of paint can make any home look cared for and pristine. Get rid of patches, stains, and unappealing marks to polish the look of your home and let buyers know that it is maintained and updated. Not to mention, it lets them know that with this fresh coat of paint, they are unlikely to have to repaint for years to come- an added bonus when looking to buy.

Plant Some Color 

Nobody wants to walk up to a front door that is surrounded by gloomy and unkempt landscape. Adding some color with bright and seasonal flowers can emit a sense of happiness and comfort, something that every buyer will be looking for upon entering what could be their new home. Window boxes, front beds, pots, and lawns can all be spruced up and popped with color for an instant lift in curb appeal.

Roger’s Gardens has the most beautiful collection of outdoor arrangements that are made with seasonal plants and flowers. In their nursery, you will find most any type and color of flower to make your exterior look cheery and inviting.

House Logic

Brighten Up

Again, it is all about creating a sense of peace and comfort for the buyer. A home with open windows and curtains that allow a peek to the inside appear more approachable and the buyer may be more receptive. Not only does this add to the curb appeal of the home, but it also will make the home brighter inside. Natural light is soothing, and fresh air is desirable when looking at a new home, so keep this in mind as potential buyers are entering your home.

Look Up

Something homeowners almost never consider is the appearance of their roof. Shingles might be missing; it might be streaked from the rain, or discolored from the sun. The roof is the part of your home that gets the most wear and tear, and we often do not even take the time to look up at it. A good cleaning might be necessary, or even a roof replacement, though it adds to the cost, will also immensely add to the curb appeal.

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Finishing Touches 

Get a second opinion. Sometimes, you might not notice little quirks about your own home because you see them every day. However, there might be cobwebs on the porch, dings on the front door from keys hitting it daily, unpolished address numbers, a rusty mailbox. You should act like a buyer when looking at your home each day it is on the market. Perhaps there is a bike that needs to be moved to the garage, a missing piece of siding, or a drain pipe that needs replacing. Look at your home as though you are buying it, and think of what you would want to see.

Before placing your home on the market, take the time to do these few things, and you will surely have a more positive experience in selling your home. While selling your home is not an easy process, it can be made remarkably easier by simply noticing what needs to be fixed before your buyers do.



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