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Lower Your Carbon Footprint By Making Your Home Eco-Friendly


ach of us has a carbon footprint that is inevitably affecting the world, whether or not we are aware of it. But, we believe that it is better to accept the fact that everything we do translates to a greater effect on the Earth. Our carbon footprint can be calculated in three different areas; home energy, transportation, and waste. Often we do not even realize that when we leave the lights on and have to change the bulb continuously, or use fake plants instead of oxygen-emitting foliage, or even re-coat our walls with a fresh paint job, that we are adding to our detrimental effect on our world. By changing a few aspects of your home, you can tremendously reduce your carbon footprint, and do your part in keeping the earth our beautiful home. Here are just a few ways that you can start to make your home more eco-friendly:


Environment Furniture has the most expansive collection of eco-friendly furniture pieces that will compliment any room’s style. With beds, benches, bookcases, chairs, coffee tables, dining tables, dressers, and much more, your whole house can be eco-friendly! Dedicated to using materials and processes with low environmental impact, Environment is working to eliminate illegal and controversial tropical wood from supply chains and replace it with audited and certified timber. Therefore, everything used in Environment’s furniture is reclaimed, recycled or repurposed, adding texture and diversity to all of their pieces. We especially love their one-of-a-kind Marison Dining Table with its weathered and unique look.

Environment Furniture


Because LED light bulbs require much less wattage than the CFL or Incandescent light bulbs, they are considered more energy efficient and sustainable than the other types of bulbs. Because of this, LED lighting is the best way to light up your home in an eco-friendly manner. CENTERLIGHT is a lighting company that installs LED systems and pride themselves on the creativity of their products. Their Ambient lighting allows you to express your personality and individuality by selecting unusual colors and multilevel control lighting. This custom-lighting system also allows you to highlight the room with soft or cold white light and highlight the things that are important to you.


Even the flooring of your home can be eco-friendly by choosing a supplier that commits itself to using sustainable wood sources. California Classics’ mission is to add beauty to the world, without compromising its health. Therefore, all of their hardwood adheres strictly to environmental protections as well as the Federal Lacey Act. Nothing is wasted in the production and manufacturing of California Classics flooring; tree bark is processed into mulch and soil conditioners, trimmings are chipped and processed into paper and other products, and small wood pieces are recovered. If you are looking to make your home more environmentally friendly, your flooring is the first place you should turn, as it takes up the most square footage and can have the greatest impact on your home’s eco-footprint.

California Classics


There is a new trend that is breaking up the monotony of cookie-cutter rooftops- the green roof. Rooftops are an attractive and functional way to promote environmentalism and make this traditionally neglected space useful. Green roofs last longer, reduce energy costs with natural insulation, create peaceful retreats, and absorb storm water, which can lessen the need for complex drainage systems. While you may need to get planning permission to build a green rooftop of your own, you can start by placing plants around your house, in any space you can find, so as to release more Oxygen into the atmosphere.


Arguably the most prominent and noticeable part of a home is its walls. Individuality can be expressed in the color you decide to paint your walls, but it can also be shown in the type of paint you choose. Premium paints often have dangerous chemicals and toxins that are not only harmful to the environment, but they are also hazardous to your personal health. Colorhouse Paint produces a wide array of colors, and they all have no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), no reproductive toxins, no chemical solvents and no toxic fumes. Their mission is to make “the world more colorful and less volatile.” Sign us up!

Colorhouse Paint


For the finishing touches on your eco-friendly home, Eskayel has beautiful accessories using chemical-free paper and water- based inks. Known for their intricate patterns and unique colorways, they operate on a print-to-order model, which is significantly more eco-friendly as they are not producing more materials than are necessary. Their collection of pillows, rugs, furniture, bedding and artwork is just what you need to completely transform your home.

Who knew that by taking the time to understand and change parts of your life that are hurting the environment you could also make your home even more beautiful, and sustainable!





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