Be Inspired by Fiano and the Classic Villages of Italy


A Conversation with Robert Hidey, the distinguished architect behind the homes of Fiano

Q: How does Fiano fit into the larger landscape of Newport Coast and the Pacific Ridge master-planned community?

A: The geographic character surrounding Fiano and its relationship to Pacific Ridge were of critical importance in the approach taken when addressing the architecture. This community is a little ridgeline that runs out toward the water and through the hills. The ridgeline has double-loaded conditions with housing going left and right, creating its own identity and weighing in separate from the other Pacific Ridge homes below.

Q: How did the topography of the land help distinguish the architectural style for you?

A: We knew that Fiano had to stand out and have some very amazing attributes you can’t find in other markets. It is about making a first big impression. First, we developed floorplans with 12-foot ceilings throughout the entire first level, something that we have never done in this market. Additionally, second kitchens, large pantries, wine rooms, and craft rooms offer a nearly unlimited array of ancillary uses in these plans, providing an opportunity to have our ground floor showcase more than just a great room.

Q: What other components of the architecture stand out to you as making a big first impression to buyers?

A: Fiano showcases a traditional exterior elevation that borrows directly from an Italian elevation with classical details. Most of these plans have exterior courtyards that are completely enclosed with a lot of options. You are really able to customize these plans, so there is a lot of emphasis on converting and personalizing the interior spaces to meet the lifestyle of the particular buyer.

Q: What part of the floorplans best showcase The New Home Company’s innovative approach to designing contemporary living spaces that meet today’s buyer needs?

A: The ways in which we are connecting interior to the exterior spaces is groundbreaking in this market. There are glass walls in homes presenting this connectivity to the exterior that we have just never done before. We weren’t doing that five years ago; we had courtyard plans, but not to the extent of glass walls and window pockets. It is a very contemporary attitude surfacing with a more traditional exterior skin. The interiors are more modern, fresher, and relevant to the buyers’ lifestyles. We were very literal to architectural aesthetics in the past, but now we are more interpretive.

The New Home Company

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