How To Make Your Home Look Like A Luxury Resort

Did you know you can make your home look and feel like a luxury resort? An empty room or space can easily be transformed into a dream hotel or resort.

The key is crisp lines and elegant proportions in the interior and exterior spaces of your home. For interior spaces, remember to have luxe entryways, grand bedrooms and spa like bathrooms. And for your exterior spaces, be sure to integrate Italian-inspired arches, columns, landscapes and courtyards. Inspired by the perfection of resort-style living, here’s five ways to make your home look and feel like a luxury resort:

1. Luxe Entryway

Photo courtesy of The Resort at Pelican Hill.

Entryway’s are important since it’s the first space you’re in after entering a home. When you think of a hotel entryway, it’s clean, grand and spacious. You can have a spacious feel in a large or small room, by using the appropriate size ratio furniture. Often times furniture is to large for the space it’s in, be sure to choose entryway tables and lamps based on size. If your entryway is large, use bigger furniture. If your entry is a smaller space, don’t overcrowd the area with excess furniture. Choose the one that looks the best and use it.

2. Spa Feeling Bathroom

Photo courtesy of Montage Laguna Beach.

Resort and hotel bathrooms have full length mirrors, plush white towels, and deep, spacious bathtubs. The use of natural light and marble tile in a bathroom gives you an instant spa retreat feeling. Aim to add elements that not only look good, but you like relaxing to. You can also release essential oils into the air to help relax your mind and body.

3. Well Organized Space

Photo courtesy of Surf & Sand Resort.

Every room in your house should reflect a serene space. As you walk through your home, there should be subtle yet progressive differences as you make your way from room to room. The decorations you add should reflect the space they absorb. Make sure to keep all areas organized and leave clutter behind.

4. Flowers and Greenery

Photo courtesy of Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas.

Landscape is crucial for your resort look. Flowers and greenery have a place both inside and outside your home. Don’t be afraid to fill your interior space with colorful flowers and plants. Inspired by outdoor beauty of The Resort at Pelican Hill, incorporate a  space for fountains and birdbaths. The sight and sound of fresh water is the perfect finishing touch for your home’s resort like ambiance.

5. Countless Details

Photo courtesy of Monarch Beach Resort.

The smallest amount of detail leaves a lasting impression. Moldings for example, have the ability to stand out around doors and windows as opposed to being recessed. It’s important to highlight that the creation of a masterpiece is in the countless details. When choosing the details for front doors, windows, or flooring, make sure each compliments the other. Specialty details in design modifications will make your resort inspired home one of a kind.



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