How to Elevate Your Bathroom Into a Living Space

From primping to cleaning, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom. No matter how much we deny how long it actually takes us to get ready, there is something quite special about taking your time when methodically getting ready for a big night out. How about those days when you just want to relax and stay at home? Those spontaneous spa days that you spend hours trying out a new DIY hair or facial mask that you inevitably saw on Pinterest. Face it, the bathroom is so much more than a necessity. It’s the place where you beautify, relax, and wash away your cares, so why not treat it as such? Here are our five updates to help you transform your bathroom into a living space.


1. Choose a Unique Bathtub

There is nothing better after a long day than grabbing a good book and taking a relaxing soak in the bathtub. However, form does not have to be outdone by function. By choosing a unique bathtub, you can have a functional piece of art that can be the focal point of your bathroom’s design. From copper to claw foot, Wayfair has a whole slew of free-standing tubs to choose from that will surely transform the way you see your bathroom.


2. Update Your Cabinetry

Having a built in sink with your cabinetry can be a life saver when it comes to storing all of your beauty products and tools, but it should never be boring. Having beautifully crafted cabinets will add an elegance and a richness to your bathroom that will make your space look and feel luxurious. It does not have to be custom, however, there are so many options for built in sinks to choose from that there really is no excuse. Restoration Hardware has some great options with various collections that range from dark woods to antique whites, so there is one to fit every style.

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3. Do Away with Boring Tile

The wrong tile can leave your bathroom looking sad and outdated. Use tile to bring personality to your space by using geometric patterns, mosaics, and the like to change up your bathroom’s look. Another great way to utilize tile, besides on your floor, is to use it on the bathroom or shower wall to add visual interest with color or patterns. An accent wall can be the perfect solution to create an eye-catching element to a traditional bathroom. From porcelain to glass tiles, Home Depot has a variety of unique styles to suit your bathroom needs.

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4.  Add Some Visual Interest to Your Wall

You wouldn’t leave the walls bare in any other room of your home. So why leave your bathroom walls vacant of design? A great piece of soothing art will not only add personality to the space, but it will also give you something beautiful to look at every time you step foot into your bathroom. If you have a bathroom that is on the smaller side, try adding a mirror to your wall. This will help to open up the space a bit and make it appear larger. West Elm has some great options from stunning art pieces to modern mirrors that will spruce up any bathroom.

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5. Use Elegant Lighting

Changing up your lighting can be a relatively easy way to transform the whole look of your bathroom. Remember, cheap looking lighting equals a cheap looking bathroom. So update your vanity lighting with beautiful gold or brass finishes, or add some visually appealing sconces to your wall that will add some dimension. You can even make your ceiling the center of attention by adding an elegant chandelier to your space, just remember to follow electrical codes when doing so. You can find charming and classic lighting fixtures on the Joss & Main website.

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