How To Make Your Living Room The Favorite Room

Sitting Pretty


he living room is just what it sounds like, it is the place where we do our living; our late-night reading, tea-drinking, and television-watching. It is also the place where we entertain guests and welcome our friends and relatives into our home. Our living room is lively, comfortable, and always at the heart of the home, as it often the place where we spend the most time and share the most laughs.

Because the living room is such a principal room in the home, it should also be your favorite. We have four design techniques coupled with some of our favorite products that will turn this room into one you will never want to leave.

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As the living room is also referred to as “The Sitting Room,” it is only right that the most prominent aspect of the room is the comfort. Not only are you going to be enjoying relaxing alone time in this room, but your guests are also going to retreat to the living room for warm conversation.

Restoration Hardware carries The Cloud Collection, which consists of a corner piece, an armless piece and an ottoman. The versatility of the pieces allows you to arrange them however you like, fitting every room’s dimensions and style. Not to mention, there are up to 8.2 pounds of feathers in every cushion, making it the most comfortable sofa you will have ever lounged upon.

For a more formal look, we love Fendi Casa’s New York Sofa. Inspired by the New York Skyline, the sofa has clean lines with an upscale and metropolitan feel. The two sofas in the collection are both in a neutral color, allowing you to add splashes of a color of your choice, making your living room your very favorite place to be.

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As the living room is the entertainment hub of the house, it is important to keep yourself, or your guests, entertained and happy.

The French Casement Collection from Restoration Hardware is the perfect media center to keep all of your electronics, DVDs and books organized. The key to enjoying a space is to keep it clutter-free, and these large, yet very simple, cabinets are perfect. Coming in seven different wood finishes and several different styles, it will be the perfect addition to any living room.

As for electronics, Panasonic has just released a full HD 3D plasma display television that will be essential for movie nights in, video game gatherings, or even background music while entertaining guests.


Lighting is what sets the mood in any room, and in your living room, you want the lighting to reflect how you feel. Some moments call for soothing pools of light, where others need a bright and celebratory atmosphere.

When you are enjoying your living area for a relaxing night in or an intimate conversation, candles create the perfect calming ambiance, if you do not have a fireplace. The Tommy Bahama Island Blend Cloche Candle emits fragrant and refreshing aromas of pineapple and mandarin, and its removable cover allows the candlelight to reflect off the glass, flickering beautifully.

Floor lamps provide both form and function and Z Gallerie has a beautiful collection that will add to the design and functionality of your room. Our favorite is the Dayton Floor Lamp, which is more like a work of art with its contemporary details and metallic bronze finish.


Perhaps the easiest way to make your living room your very favorite room in the house is to style it with your individuality. Whether you opt for a more nautical look, a Spanish style or a traditional elegance, the flair that you add is going to make the room distinctly yours. Here are some of our favorite pieces to give you some living room inspiration.

Pillows and throws can make the room seem warmer and more inviting. Z Gallerie has an expansive selection in every color so that whatever palette you choose, you will have plenty of options. We love the Indochine Pillow because it is extraordinarily soft, and its crème color can be paired with a variety of hues to compliment any style. As far as throw blankets go, Bloomingdale’s Home carries Frette’s Blaze Throw, which is made with a wool and cashmere mix, making it the softest and most luxurious out there.

Artwork can also shape a room’s atmosphere. One of the most popular trends in interior design is the Gallery Wall, which is a collection of artwork, personal photographs, and memorabilia that reflect your personality and passions. Z Gallerie gives some inspiration on how to create a “Wonder Wall,” offering three color suggestions. While their artwork is beautiful, the personal touches that you add to your walls are going to make the space unique and personal, making you feel as though the space is just for you.

Other small accents such as area rugs, mirrors, table books and greenery can really make the space complete. However you decide to design your living room, make sure that you do so with your personality and quirks in mind so that you create a room that you want to be in. With these few tips, your living room is sure to be your very favorite room in your home.

Photo Courtesy of Z Gallerie

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