Bring Life to a Room With the Use of Color


Living With Color

Understanding the fundamental principles of the use of color will allow you to enhance the environment of your home and prevent a tedious series of bland monochromatic rooms or worse an overdone patchwork of chaotic colors.

Here are a few tips to demystify the use of color in your home:

  • Just about everyone has been faced with a beige room and wondered how to transform it.
  • There is no better way to bring a room to life than by introducing a shot of color and we don’t mean painting every wall a different color.
  • Try a more subtle approach as shown here. We kept the core of the house in neutrals and then added strong pops of color.
  • In the living room we featured smoky gray tones in the furniture and then added brightly colored throw pillows and custom red dining chairs to bring it to life and personalize the space.
  • The addition of unusual light fixtures, functional window treatments and good art completes the room.
  • Color tip: Keep similar colors flowing from room to room. Not all colors need to be the same but using similar colors will produce a sense of coherence.
  • Here the bar gets an added punch with the use of the owners red guitar and a painting done by a family member that we had reframed.
  • The kitchen glows with new amber tinted pendant lights and custom barstools with eye-catching contrast colored banding and nail head trim.
  • The color continues to flow upstairs in the master suite. We created a strong statement by selecting a four-poster bed with a full height headboard and having it upholstered in dark charcoal cotton velvet.
  • We then introduced additional color by adding bright pillows and russet silk banding to the window panels. The rust colored orchids are the finishing touch. Just enough color to make a statement without keeping you awake all night.
  • Continue the affect outside. Create cozy seating areas by adding a few pillows of coordinating colors and additional complementary details. The result will be a flow of color from the inside out and the outside in.

These little tips will help to bring your home to life with color.


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