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nterior designers and décor fanatics alike are rediscovering their love for color this season. With the arrival of spring, comes a chance to introduce new shades into your home and into your design style.  So where to begin? If you tend to stick with more neutral earth tones, this is your opportunity to switch things up. ModShop is debuting a refreshing color palette that will help you find what suits your taste. Always trendy and in style, this season will feature globally inspired designs and hues. We’re letting you in on some of the hottest color trends of this season so that you can up your design style. These shades will offer a refreshing change with even a dash of their influence.

(Hunter) Green With Envy

Contrary to popular belief, the color green doesn’t have to be reserved for Christmas time. Hunter green is making a huge comeback, adding the right amount of flair to switch up the feel of your home. Adding hunter green to your rooms will invite a feeling of freshness, perfect for the change in temperature. Pair your touches of hunter green furnishings with a light color palette, consisting of gold, cream, and light gray. This match up is sure to leave an impression on guests and will liven up the energy of your space.

Blushing Pink

Blush pink is a color we never get sick of. The pale tone makes for a perfectly soft and subtle addition to any room or furnishing. A hint of the color adds an air of class and beauty without being too overpowering. Paired with ivory and gold, or silver and white, touches of this simple color will be the perfect addition for that spring transition. Like the roses in your yard, blush pink will invite a feeling of clean comfort to your home. Insider’s tip: add a blush decorative pillow or throw for a simpler but noticeable addition.

Capri Blue

This stunning shade is reminiscent of hot summer days and bright blue skies. Adding a little (or a lot) of capri blue to your room will be sure to brighten up the atmosphere. Just how the ocean gleams on a warm day, this color will add a pop of life to any room in your home. Looking for a way to brighten up a typically mellow space? An accent furnishing in the color will have a huge impact on your designs. Pairing the color with silver, white, and light gray will offer endless possibilities for fresh and classy color combinations.

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