Art Of Soulful Interior: Ohara Davies-Gaetano Interiors


hara has spent her life surrounded by art and design. Growing up in a family of artists in New York City, Ohara began her study of art and design at a young age. She continued to develop her artist’s eye by traveling extensively, and absorbing the world around her. Ohara believes that the timeless allure and design sensibility of every home should be a true reflection of its occupants. It should capture and translate and capture life’s past moments, and anticipate the ones in the future. Whether clean and minimal with subtle and unexpected beauties, or eclectic and traveled, a well-designed home should be expressive and fluid. Here are some ways Ohara created soulful and timeless interiors:


I designed this kitchen for a penthouse in Dallas. The kitchen is open to the entire large loft-like floor plan and so the kitchen needed to captivate and say “wow”. I played off the volume and carried the cabinetry and the plaster hood all the way up to the ceiling. And as a juxtaposition to all of the natural light, I designed the entire kitchen to be a play on black. A black kitchen can be tricky and can feel one dimensional, so I layered different textures and shades of black to create depth. Black Zellige tile is the backsplash and it glistens in the light. The flat plaster hood is a shade of midnight black and contrasts beautifully with the La Canache Malachite enamel range. The cabinets are rift white oak that I stained in a matte black milk wash paint. They pair vividly with the leatherized black Zimbabwe countertop.


It is easy to design pretty and safe, but I like to challenge myself and my projects to tell a story. Entering into the master vestibule, I specified a pair of antique French doors. They’re dramatic and intriguing and beg you to venture in to experience the next act unfold.


I love mixing periods of style and my projects range in design genres from Modern to Classic. I think a well-designed home should be layered with pieces from different periods of time and place. In this master bedroom, the underlying theme to the design is Provencal French, but the design needed to feel current and relevant as it is the home of a young family. I mixed more classical pieces with a more modern touch— like the gold stool that sits in front of the settee at the foot of the bed.


Most of my work is either on the ocean or overlooking the ocean, so I am always focused on maximizing and framing the magnificent views for my clients. In a recently completed modern project, the dining area is in the middle of a large open kitchen/great room area. I wanted the table to anchor the room, but not overpower the space. By using lower profile dining chairs with a subtle texture and pattern, the eye absorbs intuits the details, but isn’t so pre-occupied that the viewer can’t take in and appreciate the overall sense of expansiveness.


The entry foyer at our Strand Beach Balinese Modern home is layered with richness and textures. The walls are a bold combination– limestone, mother of pearl wall covering, stainless steel trimming and mahogany mill work. The textures speak for themselves and to create even more drama, the large fossilized palm frond pays homage to the tropical essence of the design in a powerful and organic way.


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