Squeeze Citrus Color into Your Home

 Add a Bold Pop of Color With a Citrus Color Palette

Adding a burst of color to your home will make a bright difference in any living space. A citrus color palette will transform your home to make it feel like it is summer all year round. Having these fresh-squeezed citrus colors in your home will give it the sunny disposition as the weather continues to cool down. There are many different techniques that you can use to add a bright and bold citrus palette to your home. You can use one color for the whole room or mix it up with different patterns to create a pop of pigment.

Incorporating a Citrus Color Scheme as an Accessory

Using a bold color scheme can be intimidating, but there are great ways to squeeze citrus into your home. The bright colors don’t have to be the central theme in the room; adding small accessories will give you color while also being discrete. Use bright tangerine orange throw pillows from Z Gallerie; these can bring a subtle pop of color into the mix. Also, you can add a lemon-yellow ceiling with floor length curtains to complement matching throw pillows. Having these citrus tones will leave your room feeling sunny and warm all day.

Another great way to incorporate citrus into your home as an accessory is a grapefruit color pattern rug from Pampa where each rug is one of a kind. Pampa rugs are a fun way to add color that can make the accent of your room change in a small way.

Also, a  fun way to include citrus in your home is by adding actual citrus fruits as a centerpiece on your table. A bowl of bright yellow lemons or effervescent limes will add color and freshness to your home. These small accessories can make your home create color and illuminate any space in your home.


Incorporating a Citrus Color Scheme as the Main Piece

Using a bright color palette in an entire room will add zest and make you feel refreshed all year long. Adding lime green furniture to a white or gray room will create a refreshing feel to a room that may otherwise seem bland. Using citrus color furniture in any place will add a lively disposition so that everyone will enjoy the space.

Another fun way to add citrus to an entire room is painting a whole wall or room, whatever you’re comfortable with, one bright citrus color like lemon yellow from Dunn Edwards, outrageous orange or zesty lime. This will give the entire room a luminous feel, while also making it a focal point in the space. If a whole room or wall is too much, paint a door a citrus color to make your home more welcoming and cheerful.

Also adding a pattern to your home will give it a new look, especially with a bold color. Printed designs are a great way to incorporate citrus. Using a patterned wallpaper in any area in a house will create a fun, vivid space.

These are all great tips to add an excellent citrus hue to your home. Using these bright colors will make your home warm and sunny to keep you energized all year round.



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