California Living: The Top 5 Coastal Designs for Your Home

Transformative Seaside Styles



he coastal design is a staple to California living. Whether you’re right on the shore, or a little more than few miles up the road, there’s always the opportunity to deck out your home with some ocean-inspired flair. These five different types of beach décor are proof that you can transform your home into whatever your heart desires. From oceanfront Orange County to the busier parts of SoCal, these styles will inspire you to revamp your place to match the beach house of your dreams.



For a more rustic look, the surfer style will add a laidback attitude to your home. Prop up a vintage surfboard and favor some wood paneling to get those good vibrations going. You don’t even have to step foot on the beach to feel like you’ve spent your day hitting the waves.

Chic Beach

For a calmer and more peaceful look, channel some Hamptons-inspired designs. Mellow colors such as beige and light blue will mesh together perfectly to create that east coast beach style. Add some coastal art top off your décor.

Mod Beach

How exactly do you mix modern design and the classic components of beach living? Stick to more basic designs and contemporary pieces. Long furnishing provides a laidback approach to the current fashions. Insider’s tip: Pay attention to lighting and choose according to your desired theme.


Perhaps this is the look you know best, bringing you back to childhood memories of days at the beach. The nautical theme is the quintessential beach look that we all know and love. Navy blue and white come together to portray that distinct design. Topped off with anchor accessories and elements, you’ll forget you’re not out at sea.


Transform your home into a resort with these hints of luxury.  Placing emphasis on communal areas will echo the feelings of being on vacation. A grand living room and comfy couch will serve as your comfortable haven. Lighting should be kept warm and inviting as a reminder of days spent in paradise.

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