What 5 Popular Design Styles (Might) Say About Your Personality

Home is where you feel safe, comfortable, and happy. It is a place of memories, of nostalgia and loved ones. After all, the term we most commonly use for expressing feeling most comfortable in a place or situation is feeling “at home” in one’s surroundings. So why wouldn’t your home be a reflection, an extension of who you are as a person? In the story of your life, your home plays a powerful character, it’s a maker of memories, if you will, and it should have some of the makings of your unique personality.

Now, of course most home designs are often a blend of styles that you may have gathered over the years, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a solid standout when it comes to your home’s “personality.” So here are five popular design styles and what they (might) say about your personality.


1. Scandinavian

Now widely popularized by the likes of IKEA, Scandinavian design has seemed to take over living rooms across the county, and for good reason. Characterized by muted tones and fun accent colors, Scandinavian design is often a blend of the engineered and the organic, creating a room that is both modern and inspired by nature.

If you have a Scandinavian design aesthetic then you’re probably a minimalist. You have a no-fuss way of being that eliminates the extraneous and keeps things simple. Though design is important to you, you’re also all about function, so if a piece appeals to your minimalist fashion and has a functional purpose in your life then it’s a no brainer for your home.


2. Mid-Century Modern

Although the Mid-Century Modern’s subset of Scandinavian design has become increasingly popular in recent years, the traditional mainstay has continued to be a popular design choice for the unique and creatively inclined homeowner. Characterized by the design aesthetic of the mid-1900s, this style also features minimalist silhouettes, as well as the creative blends of natural shapes and designs of molded plastic or aluminum. Mid-Century Modern styles make great statement pieces when mixed with other design aesthetics in your home.

If you prefer a Mid-Century Modern design, you like to make a statement. You have a clear artistic personality and like to have a balanced life of simplicity with moments of creative surges. You may also enjoy wearing feminine, tea-length dresses while sporting a bold red lip, but that’s neither here nor there.

3. Bohemian

For the creatives and the free spirits of the world, a bohemian design style is just for you. Bohemian design features a mixture of bright colors and textures that, when layered, work together to create a warm atmosphere. With a bohemian design, the goal is to make your space look “put together” whilst also being a bit disheveled, it’s a fine balance that, when not done correctly, can easily turn into a mess. However, bohemian design can be fun to play with as you can use a variety of different pieces and styles like Moroccan or Southwestern to make up a visually interesting space.

If your design has a bohemian style, then you’re probably a bit of a free spirit yourself and tend to gravitate toward the unique and eccentric. You enjoy a life of organized chaos because that’s what makes things interesting! You’re a fan of color and believe that it can have a huge impact on your mood, so you like to keep things bright and fun.


4. Industrial

Inspired by the turn-of-the-century industrial era, industrial design often has a rustic aesthetic that stems from the unfinished quality that this style offers. Featuring exposed brick walls, steel, and wooden elements, the style of industrial design is that of an old-world feel which blends modernity with tradition.

If you have an industrial designed home, you might be an engineer or architect, someone who enjoys exploring the interworking of modern technology and the construction of good design and functionality. You may also have a deep sense of nostalgia and prefer to keep with the traditional. You are also warm and aim to bring comfort to those around you.

5. Coastal Living

Coastal design is especially pertinent when discussing the design themes of homes in coastal Southern California. This style features some aspects of the popular nautical design of the eastern coast of the U.S. but often has a more subtle approach when it comes to the coastal design aesthetic. It is characterized by clean and simple lines and light colors that work together to create a very peaceful and tranquil environment.

Coastal style is not just a design aesthetic for you, it’s a way of living. You like to keep your life simple and make way for only that which enhances it. You’re often a calming presence around your family and friends and find that you do your best thinking and reflection by the ocean.

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