White Will Transform Your Home for the Better

An all-white room is more aesthetically pleasing than you may think.



hen it comes to white so many don’t want an entire room to consist of one color. However, the aesthetically pleasing all-white design is taking over with a refreshing look. The color can have numerous associations whether it seems like a sterile doctors office or a room with no life. Now it can become as a space that has opportunities for many possibilities. These ideas for how to use an all-white room to your advantage will help create a space with it as the primary color.


Photo by: Jenna Burger


Whether it is the thought that it will be impossible to keep clean, or it’s too pristine to use, so many are intimidated by white in the kitchen. This color in the kitchen is a perfect place to optimize what you can do with your space. White counters and walls pair perfectly with rich wooden cabinets or accessories that will give your kitchen warmth while still looking refreshing. Another way that this one hue in the kitchen can work is using the color as a blank slate. Starting with white allows you to add any other color scheme to complement it. Fresh florals and a bright rug will add a burst of color that will make your kitchen feel lively and energized. Another great thing about an all-white kitchen is how well stainless steel appliances pair for a neutral kitchen.


The living room is such a large space in the home; sometimes it is hard to imagine this area completely white. Although, when it comes to a living room the color can offer many variations for you to play around with. Adding throw pillows to a couch or chair can make the seat more welcoming and comforting. The best way to make an all-white living room have contrast is by adding throw pillows with a pop of color. A bright patterned rug from Pottery Barn can be the centerpiece of an all-white living room. This single hue can go with any other color, making this interior design technique so versatile throughout the entire year. Another way to create an entirely white living room design you want is that it will make the space more neutral. It is a color that represents purity, so in your living room, it will bring more light and positivity to your area.


Having a completely white bedroom sounds a bit daunting, but the amazing thing about this color in your bedroom is how comforting your space will feel. This color has traits of positivity, with your entire room this color it will awaken you with a positive attitude as you enter your space of serenity. Another reason this shade is an excellent choice for your bedroom is that any artwork is now the center of attention. The white walls and bedding can act a canvas to make your photos or art pop more than usual. This bright color also offers a sense of peace and calmness, so your bedroom is a great place to have this select color.


A white bathroom isn’t all too uncommon, although making the space one color with no other accents can seem a bit sterile or unwelcoming. A white bathroom is very beautiful and can become a refreshing space by adding small indoor plants to help give the room a rejuvenating and revitalizing feel. A bathroom is a place where you don’t spend a lot of time. Now with adding accents of nature will make the room more welcoming and comfortable for everyone.

There are hundreds of tones of the color, so decorating your home with this color doesn’t have to be bland or boring. The color can make space feel new, where you can take your vision in any direction as a blank canvas. White is versatile all year round. Any room you choose to make this one color can have any feeling that you desire.



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