5 Secrets About Irvine Cove Revealed

Find out five secrets about this prestigious community that will leave you wanting to make Irvine Cove your next home.

I imagine sitting in the sunlit kissed sand, my freckled nose breathing in the salty sea air, my hair – a mess of wavy curls from a dip in the ocean – and Frank Sinatra’s “The Best Is Yet To Come” echoing calmly from a set of headphones. That is what I imagine happiness to be. And for the residents of Irvine Cove, that is a very real possibility. As a resident of Irvine Cove, you are allowed private access to Irvine Cove Beach. But that’s not the only luxury Irvine Cove has to offer.

Exclusive Beach Access

Harder to get into than Maestro’s in Beverly Hills on a Saturday night. Unless you’re a resident of Irvine Cove the only way to gain access to this tourist free haven is if you’re a guest. Perhaps, it’s time to start planning a move. However, the IC home market is small and select, making it challenging to find property. Especially, considering many of the residents in the area appreciate their privacy. Because of this, homes in Irvine Cove are rarely marketed on the MLS.

Major Rip Currents Can Develop

Swimmers take caution! Irvine Cove Beach may be beautiful and secluded, but waves breaking close to the shoreline can cause rip tides that are dangerous to swimmers and little ones playing close to shore. Check out this video that will show you how to identify a rip current and what to do if you find yourself caught in one.

Surfing Is Done at The Southern End of the Beach

Surfers tend to navigate towards the southern end of the cove, whereas swimmers often stay towards the middle to enjoy the water. Other popular activities at Irvine Cove Beach include water sports, body surfing, skin and scuba diving and skim boarding. With an average annual high temperature of 72 degrees, residents would have a hard time not being drawn out to sea.

Fishing Is NOT Permitted

Sorry fishing enthusiasts, you’ll have to take your rod and hook elsewhere. Beach policy makes it clear that “the taking or collecting of rocks, shells, or marine life is prohibited.” (City of Laguna Beach) For a list of marine protected areas versus where take is allowed, check out the Orange County Marine Protected Area Council (OCMPAC) here.

The Cove is Governed by the Irvine Cove HOA

Because of this, some beach policies and ordinances may differ from the city. So before you hit the sand, make sure to read all signs or contact the local Home Owners Association if you have any questions.

Residents of Irvine Cove also have access to community tennis courts and park. It’s common for residents to own golf carts and use them to travel around the community, including taking them down the specifically designed golf cart path to get to Irvine Cove Beach. The beach has showers, volleyball courts and a playground to keep all ages happy. If this area seems like a fit for you, check out homes listed for sale here, or contact Dean Ledger of Sotheby’s International at 949.222.0977.

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