The Best Neighborhoods for Walking in Orange County

Orange County: The Pedestrian’s Paradise



s Southern Californians we are lucky to have some of the best weather in the world. Narrow that down to Orange County and we’re downright spoiled. With summer approaching, we are in for some beautiful days. This gives us the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the weather and sights around our communities. If you’re someone who enjoys getting around on foot instead of a vehicle, then we’ve got you covered. We are taking you on a tour of the best neighborhoods for foot travel in the OC.


Crystal Cove

Crystal Cove is the perfect way to kick off our pedestrian tour of the OC. It is absolutely ideal for anyone who is interested in an area where everything is accessible by walking. The cove’s famous beach cottages will transport you back the 1950’s for a classic beach experience. A stroll along the Crystal Cove Shoreline will provide spectacular ocean views. If you’re feeling nostalgic, take An Inside Look at the Crystal Cove Cottages . best walking cities orange county.

Crystal Cove Beach

Corona Del Mar

The community of Corona Del Mar makes for a lovely scenic walk through gorgeous residential areas as well as a coastline view that is absolutely breathtaking. Rock formations along the beach make for a fun jaunt for you and the kids. Pedestrians in Corona Del Mar get to experience a great community in close proximity to a stretch of PCH that offers excellent dining and shopping. Fashion Island is just a short walk and provides even more options for entertainment. best walking cities orange county.

family friendly neighborhoods oc
Photo by: Ben McBee

Balboa Island

This is a great place for families. The island offers a charming coastal feel while offering tons of entertainment for little ones. The iconic Balboa Ferris Wheel and Fun Zone are great for kids. Yacht charters and whale watching adventures are available for the whole family. You’ll find all of this within a compact, easily walkable radius. For more information on this fabulous area, we asked Don Abrams of Abrams Coastal Properties for a local’s insight to the area; you can read the article walking cities orange county.

Photo Courtesy of: Don Abrams

Lido Isle

This little tight-knit community is a pedestrian paradise. Everything you need is in walking distance. Lido offers great views of the water all around as well as plenty of entertainment. The Lido Marina Village is the place to be for great dining and shopping. best walking cities orange county.

Peninsula Point

Balboa’s Peninsula Point has some of the best beach front property in the OC. This community is perfect for on foot travel as you’ll be stunned by the ocean views and incredible residential areas. This is a great place to settle down and be worry-free as it’s easy to get around on foot. This is high on our list of places to take a leisurely stroll by the water. best walking cities orange county.

Shady Canyon

This luxurious Irvine community is perfect for your walking needs. The slow place and laid back nature of the area is a great fit for anyone who enjoys the outdoors in a welcoming environment. The Shady Canyon Trail is a superb hike that will satisfy your recreational needs. If golf is your fancy, the well-known Shady Canyon Golf Club lies right in the heart of the community. Are you looking to settle down in this neighborhood? Read our Experts Guide to Finding Your Perfect House in Shady Canyon, featuring insight from Jacqueline Thompson of Surterre Properties. best walking cities orange county.

Photo Courtesy of: Jacqueline Thompson

Emerald Bay

This hyper-exclusive area of Laguna Beach is a dream for getting around on foot. You’ll find this quiet community to be a relaxing and perfect for walking. Nearby Forest Avenue is a great place to traverse on foot as it offers dining and shopping options for a nice day out. A stroll to the beach is easy with coastline views that are unbeatable. For more information on living in Emerald Bay, read our article, Discover the Benefits of Living in Such an Exclusive Neighborhood, with Dean Ledger.  best walking cities orange county.

Photo Courtesy of: Dean Ledger


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