Home Libraries Are a Book Lover’s Paradise

How a Library Can Turn a House into a Home

There is something truly magical about a collection of books. It’s timeless, inviting, and creates a conversation for company. Its solace can offer you the perfect escape after a long day. So whether you’re well-read or you just love the look of them, personal libraries can help make your home feel complete.

 The Light Read

While some agree that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, there is nothing wrong with loving the decorative appeal of a collection of hardcovers. If you do tend to judge a book by its cover, try a home library that adds a statement to an otherwise lackluster room.

A statement library looks best in areas that would gather traffic, such as living rooms or the stairs. Incorporating this sort of library into your home can be as simple as creating shelving. A shelved wall or two can offer storage, novelty and interest. One option is to keep it classic by letting the books be the center of attention. The different colors, materials and textures of the bindings are as subtle and inviting as they are compelling. A more contemporary option is to throw surprising features into the mix. Unexpected trinkets, unconventional stacking or the use of negative space can be a fun way to mix in some modern flair.

Something To Get Lost In

Every voracious reader deserves a cozy place to curl up in. A book nook is the modern take on a reading room. The book nook is a secluded area from the rest of a room that is focused on comfort and privacy. It often consists of a small library and an inviting sitting area. Add comfy pillows, a couple blankets and a place to rest your favorite cup of tea to complete your perfect reading environment.

If the room has a view, put it to good use. Setting up a reading area under or near a window creates a dreamy setting. No view? No problem. Dedicating a small, closed off space is another way to bring your favorite hobby into your home.

A World Within a Room

There isn’t anything much more magnificent than a large, traditional library. The pairing of rich wood furniture, lush fabrics and a panorama of leather-bound books creates a luxurious surrounding for a space that can be used as an office as well as entertaining. Adding personal touches such as paintings and sculptures adds to the grandeur of a large home library. It should be an awe-inspiring and stunning room that demands attention and leaves an impression.

10 Listings Built for Bibliophiles

1. 35341 Camino Capistrano, Capistrano Beach

This home makes use of empty space with bookworm-friendly accent walls.

2. 2033 Bayside Dr., Corona Del Mar

A large, shelved wall holds endless opportunity to add style and flair to a living room.

3. 224 Larkspur Ave., Corona Del Mar

Clean, well-lit and relaxed, this book nook lets the covers do the decorative talking.

4. 416 Holmwood Dr., Newport Beach

This home’s cozy and contained nook is perfect for losing your track of time in.

5. 752 North Creekview Dr., Orange

The intricate woodwork in this reading room is as luxurious as it is inviting.

6. 201 N. Star Ln., Newport Beach

The constellation on the ceiling and the round architecture makes this room built for escapism.

7. 22901 Sonriente Trail, Coto De Caza

All work and some play; a fireplace and a small library add richness to a home office.

8. 5 Strawberry Ln, San Juan Capistrano

Straightforward and masculine, this home office lets simple design shine with complex details.

9. 671 Sleepy Hollow Ln, Laguna Beach

Built for warmth and intimacy, this room looks like the perfect hub for deep conversations.

10. 3 Tidecrest, Newport Coast

Open and grand, this home’s library is the center of attention while entertaining.


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