How to Become the Master Planner of Your Next Home

A Discussion With Katherine Williams and Bradley Hare

Create the home of your dreams with the Toll Brothers! From start to finish the Toll Brothers provide only the highest in quality commitment and are fully dedicated to outstanding customer service. I had the pleasure of interviewing Design Studio Manager, Katherine Williams and Division Senior Vice President, Bradley Hare who shared their insight into a company that soars above the others.

Q: Since the formation of the Toll Brothers in 1967, Fortune Magazine listed the Company as one of The World’s Most Admired Companies in a 2016 study. In the same 2016 survey, Toll Brothers was named the #1 Home Builder Worldwide. The Company was also named America’s Most Trusted Home Builder™ 2015 by Lifestory Research, and most recently, honored as national Builder of the Year by BUILDER magazine. In addition, Toll Brothers was the twice named national Builder of the Year by Professional Builder magazine. With an impressive list of awards like this, what is it about Toll Brothers that sets the company apart from other home builders?

Katherine Williams: Toll Brothers has time and time again proven to me that it is a great place to work with great people working there. It is an honor to work with such an esteemed company.

Bradley Hare: Toll Brothers always strives to be the best.  For years under Bob’s leadership, I always considered Toll to be one of the largest family run “public” companies out there which has continued through the culture today.  The employees care so much and are willing to do whatever it takes to get their job done.


Q: I’m aware that Toll Brothers partners with the National Wildlife Federation and Audubon International in order to build homes that balance well with the surrounding landscape, which in turn, helps to prevent destruction of existing trees and ponds. What types of green features do you offer in your home designs that help minimize harsh impacts to the environment and provides better energy efficiency?

BH: Solar, tankless water heaters, radiant barrier roof sheathing, increased insulation, low flow plumbing fixtures, high efficient electrical lighting and more.

Q: Before potential clients visit one of the in-person Toll Brothers Home Design Studios, would you suggest they first check out the Toll Brothers ‘Design Your Own Home’ online feature to get a better idea of what they want in overall design?

BH: Absolutely. The better they understand the home they purchased and what they want to purchase, the better their appointments tend to go.

Q: How would one best prepare before scheduling an appointment with one of your Design Studios? Is there anything the client should bring in with them that will help make their experience a more pleasant one?

BH: We always encourage our buyers to familiarize themselves with their options prior to visiting the Design Studio by visiting  This will help them be better informed and feel much more confident when the buyer comes in to make their selections.


Q: What type of design tools are available to the consumer? 

KW: We frequently use model home photos to help get concepts for the interior as well as use concept boards in the Design Studio that show possible installations that they can reproduce in their home.

BH: Photos, historic data, and samples demonstrated at our Models and at the Design Studio.

Q: Would you recommend Toll Brothers to both first-time home designers and those already experienced with this process?

KW: I absolutely would, the way that Toll Brothers guides the homebuyer through each process is useful to new homebuyers as well as experienced ones. Each client will get a personal experience with their team and find that someone is always willing to help.

BH: Yes. Toll offers more customization than any of our competitors.  Toll’s buyer journey is continuously under improvement in an effort to meet the market demands.

Q: I know your company prides itself on being there for the client from beginning to end, because of that can clients expect to work with the same design manager throughout the  entire process?

KW: Yes! The designer will meet with them for all selections and questions. The Design Studio Manager may also be involved in assisting with issues in the field.

BH: Yes, we designate one designer to take our buyers through their entire selection process, allowing for a more personal experience.

Q: What advice would you give to first timers who may not know exactly what they want for their home? Are there any rules of caution you can give to our readers before they jump into designing their own home?

KW: Check out the models and use Pinterest! The only caveat to Pinterest is to use it for ideas rather than a design tool. Toll Brothers will find something that fits your home and your budget using the ideas that you have in mind.

BH: In addition to Pinterest, we also see a lot of buyers using Houzz.  This is also how we use

Q: Do you offer any sort of customer satisfaction guarantee or warranty to your clients?

BH: The Customer Care Team is our last touch point to our clients and arguably the most important position for gaining repeat business, which Toll takes a lot of pride in doing.

Q: Why should someone choose to work with Toll Brothers over other companies? What can the client expect to benefit from given the chance to work with you? 

KW: Toll Brothers is an outstanding company to work for that respects their employees and their customers. You will find that people who work for and with Toll Brothers are happy and good at what they do!

BH: Toll Brothers makes an ongoing investment and effort to improve the employee and customer experience.

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