The Health Benefits of Beachfront Living

health benefits beach life

How the Ocean Breeze Helps Your Health


e all know that living by the beach is desirable in more ways than one. With the ocean views, sandy shores, and fresh salty air, living by the water is a true California dream. Beyond the beautiful aesthetic reasons, beachfront buying can actually benefit your health too. With Orange County’s vast array of prime property near the ocean, you’ll want to take a closer look at this opportunity and how it can actually be good for you.

Being close to the water prompts an active lifestyle.

When you’re nearby the shore, you have more of an opportunity to get out and be active. Whether it’s a morning run on the beach, or a late night swim, there are many ways to mesh your beachfront lifestyle with fitness. Nothing says motivation quite like a California sunrise as your workout backdrop.

The fresh air has cleansing aspects.

Being in close proximity to the ocean can have great effects on your breathing. The salt in the air can help with breathing and respiratory problems, clearing up sinuses and making you feel better overall.

Did someone say Vitamin D?

The sun is definitely a friend of ours. Even though we promote wearing sunscreen, you can still absorb those healthy rays with it on. So lie back, soak up the sun and take in your daily dose of vitamin D in the best way possible.

Up your zen.

If it wasn’t already a given, being by the beach can help relax you. Even just being out by the water for a short amount of time every day can help your mental state and have you feeling relaxed. Add some beach yoga to your daily routine and you’re sure to feel the best you ever have.

Saltwater has healing properties.

Taking a dip in the water might actually help your skin. Salt water can have detoxifying properties and helps stop bacterial growth on your skin. Maybe that’s why our favorite spas have so many ocean-based products and treatments.

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