How To Create Your Own Eco Friendly Garden

Everything You Need to Know to Create a Succulent Garden



You’ve seen them on stands outside your supermarket, along the pathway to your neighbor’s front door, and even hanging in amusing glass terrariums in the windows of small neighborhood boutiques. There’s a reason succulent sightings have soared over the past couple of years. They’re easy to care for and fun to look at. As a bonus, they’re completely eco friendly!

Succulents don’t require as much water, space or attention as other popular garden plants and are actually drought tolerant. Imagine having a garden that thrives all year round. Your garden can incorporate all the beautiful pinks, yellows and blues you love without even one blooming flower. Big or small, a succulent garden can make a dramatic statement or just bring easy harmony to your landscape. Green thumb not required!

Planting Techniques

When creating your succulent garden, one of the main features to focus on is harmony. Succulents come in many different sizes and colors. However, there’s no need to feel like you have to fill your garden with every single one. Repetition is key. Repeating certain plants can help create harmony when dealing with a variety of succulents. Repeating large succulents will create a sort of backbone for your garden so that it looks orderly and deliberate while repeating bright colored succulents will create depth and dimension.

Another feature to focus on is size. Succulent diameters can vary from centimeters to feet so it’s important to know how to plant them accordingly. If your garden is along a walkway, larger succulents should be placed behind smaller ones so that sunlight can reach all of them. Larger succulents should also not outnumber the smaller succulents so as to not overwhelm the garden or draw attention away from the beauty and uniqueness of their smaller counterparts.

The best thing to remember when creating your garden is to keep it simple. Simplicity is key for beginners and succulent experts alike. A garden that seems simply designed will create a sense of calm and ease in both the gardener and observers. Stick to a small, select amount of colors and sizes and repeat them to fill your garden rather than adding one of everything, causing chaos and disorder.

Interesting Succulents You’ll Want For Your Garden

Agave Desmettiana — These large, green succulents are the perfect “backbone” plants for any garden. Their long, spiky leaves are interesting enough to draw attention, yet the calming green color won’t overwhelm your garden.

Echeveria ‘Blue Curls’ — The leaves of the Echeveria ‘Blue Curls’ succulent are just that: blue curls. Its dusty blue base color transitions into a deeper pink color along the curled edges of its leaves. This succulent is the perfect way to add multiple colors and dimension to your garden through one plant.

Aeonium ‘Sunburst’ — The pale, lemon-yellow color of the Aeonium ‘Sunburst’ will easily brighten up any garden. Combined with its broad, circular shape, these succulents will almost look like coral is blooming in your garden.

Succulent Workshops With Roger’s Gardens

Some yards and landscape designs simply don’t allow enough space or proper location for a succulent garden. Luckily, succulents can be potted, pruned and grown indoors as well. Roger’s Gardens hosts workshops to help people learn proper potting and pruning techniques to grow a small, beautiful indoor succulent garden.

During the summer, the featured workshop was based around succulent moss wall baskets. However, as the season changes, Roger’s Gardens will be hosting “Succulent Pumpkin Workshops” where you can learn how to create beautiful and unique fall centerpieces. Visit Roger’s Gardens Upcoming Events page for more information on these workshops.

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