How To Protect Your Outdoor Deck

When you’re living in the lap of luxury, it’s essential that your home complements the beauty of its beachside surroundings. While your house may have the perfect furnishings, immaculate landscape, and a driveway full of only the most elite vehicles, brandishing a worn deck will immediately decrease the appearance of your home’s value. But, don’t let the sea salt air put a damper on your happiness, protecting your deck is easier than you’d think!

The DIY Approach


Step 1: Find the Right Type of Protection for You

Whether you have a wooden or concrete deck, both are subject to wear and tear if not treated properly. Having a deck typically requires yearly maintenance. However, some products protect longer than others. To find the right type of sealer for you check in with Lowes, Home Depot, or your local home improvement store to ensure you’re investing in the proper protection.

Step 2: Properly Clean Your Deck

Before you do anything, you need to start with a clean surface. After all, you wouldn’t put a paint job on a dirty car, so why seal over dirt and grime? The best way to get a clean surface to work with is by using a pressure washer. If you don’t have one readily available, you can always rent one by the hour from Home Depot. It’s important to note that if you choose to clean a wooden deck with a pressure washer make sure it is set to the lowest setting so that it doesn’t destroy the surface. Alternative solutions include using cleaning products like chlorine bleach. However, it’s not as environmentally friendly. Once you’ve cleaned your deck, make sure it gets the proper amount of time to dry fully. The drying time can take about three days, give or take on weather conditions.

Step 3: Seal and Save Time

Once it comes time to apply your sealant make sure to read all directions carefully. Not all sealants are the same, so you don’t want to overlook this step. To ensure you get proper coverage and don’t add damage to your deck, follow each step carefully and make sure to allow adequate drying time for the product. Also, make sure that the week’s forecast is sunny, so you don’t get stuck having to redo all your hard work.

Helpful Tip: The Home Depot also offers a variety of free DIY classes for projects around the home. To check out a list of upcoming classes at a location near you, click here.

The Helpful Approach

If you don’t feel comfortable taking on a project like this alone, or simply don’t have the time in your busy schedule, there are plenty of outside companies that can get the job done, and fast. The Crank Brothers Deck Co. is a prime example of an Orange County based decking company that has been in the business since 1945, and they certainly know what they are doing. Their staff is eager to assist and ensure that a top quality job gets done. Check out a few of their customer testimonials here.

Lowe’s composed a helpful guide on what you’ll need to buy when it comes to deck maintenance. To check out their professional home improvement suggestions, before undergoing your deck DIY, read it here.

The main thing to remember is that prevention is key to saving you time and money. If you make sure to keep up on maintaining a clean deck, then you’ll have less to worry about down the line. Every so often it will help to rearrange your furniture and plants around the deck to ensure marks aren’t left from inconsistent weathering. Moving the plants and furniture will also help you notice and clean up any moisture that may have been trapped between your products and deck. For a helpful guide on what you’ll need to buy before ongoing deck maintenance, check out Lowe’s professional home improvement suggestions, found here.

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