Welcome Summer With Family Friendly Outdoor Activities



ummer is just around the corner, and we’ll all be enjoying the warm weather and time off with the kids. It’s time to start thinking about great summer activities for the entire family. So tell the kids to put the iPads and video games aside as we’re heading outside for some fun. We’re offering you some of the best ideas for outdoor summer games, events and adventures.

When the Grass is Greener at Home

Outdoor lawn games are perfect for many occasions. Whether you’re having a barbecue, a baby shower, or just looking for some quality time with your kids, these games will liven things up over the summer.

Jumbo Jenga

Our first suggestion is Jumbo Jenga. This life-sized game of skill and finesse will get everyone excited. There are sets available online with handy storage boxes and convenient travel cases if you’re thinking about taking the game to someone else’s event. If you want to make a more fulfilling experience out of it, you can easily turn this into a DIY experience for the whole family. Simply hit the hardware store and buy some sizable wood beams. Cut them into equal sized blocks (54 blocks is the number you’re looking for) and get to stacking. This game will have the kids excited, and everyone will be laughing. You can visit the blog A Beautiful Mess for a play by play on DIY. Just make sure the little ones know to run if your tower is tipping over!


Another great lawn game is Giant Yahtzee. Kits are also available online on Etsy and other retailers. If you want to customize your set, all you need is a bucket, a marker board, tools and some wood to put together your giant dice. The dice will serve as the biggest challenge of the project as you’ll need these giant 6-sided cubes to play the game. There are how-to guides available on momtastic.com as well as YouTube with a simple search. Adding a big twist to some of the most beloved tabletop games will get everyone outside and having fun in no time.

Outdoor Events in Your Community

Check out http://www.orangecounty.net/html/events_concerts.html for a list of concerts, movies and Shakespeare in the park for the summer. Get out there and immerse yourself in some culture within your community!

Free Summer Concerts

If you’re looking to have a nice day out with the kids, there’s no better way to enjoy and engage with your community than events at your local park. Free summer concerts in the park are available during the next few months all over the OC! We highly suggest gathering at these with family, friends and neighbors for fun evenings of dancing and listening.

Outdoor Movies

If you’re not in the musical mood but still want to get out for some community fun, then we suggest a movie in the park. This is great for families, groups of kids, and maybe even for a romantic date night. Fresh air and movies under the stars will do everyone some good.

The Arts

If you’re looking for something even more unique and enriching for your evening, we suggest Shakespeare in the park. Yes, you heard us right. Shakespeare in the park in 2017, folks! This fun tradition of bringing the ultimate traditional plays to stage in a relaxing and outdoor setting has not died. There are opportunities to see your favorite Shakespeare (crossing my fingers for King Lear) all around Orange County this summer.


If you’re looking for a different, and likely new to you outdoor adventure, we have to suggest Geocaching. The whole idea of this adventurous activity is following GPS coordinates from a website to find a hidden object. This is a great way to go out for a scenic hike but also have the excitement factor of a game. Kids love it as they feel like they are hunting for hidden treasure. The best part about it is that geocaching in the OC will take you to some of the best known, as well as little known, scenic areas. Geocache spots include Balboa Island, Crystal Cove, and Laguna among many other gorgeous landscapes. To map out an all-day geocaching adventure in Orange County, click here and get outdoors to hunt for some hidden objects with the family.



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