Bringing the Eastern Seaboard to Newport Beach


One of the best words to describe my family is transcontinental. Like many families, we were semi-nomadic and ended up settling down in different places. So while I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, some of my family resides in a small town in Connecticut called Fenwick and I started my family in Newport Beach.

Regardless of the distances involved, my extended family never let distance be a factor in how close we are. That’s one of the many reasons why I recently took my wife and three daughters on vacation to my family’s historic home in Fenwick. Not many people have heard of this town—it is the least populated municipality in Connecticut—but the architecture there is breathtaking. Take, for example, the home my great-grandfather built. The shingle siding is characteristic of that area, as is the gable-on-hip roof and overhanging room on the second story that covers a screened porch. Seeing a beautiful home like this growing up created a strong association between East Coast architecture and the feeling of “home” in my mind.


The homes I build for my Newport Beach and Corona del Mar clientele are a bit different, but are strongly influenced by the same styles used in Fenwick and many other areas of the East Coast. Of course, there are many styles there— sprawling plantation-style mansions and petite cottage-style homes are just a few—but what do I mean by “East Coast architecture”?

My focus is mostly on the homes of the Eastern Seaboard, where dormer windows let in plentiful natural lighting and shingle and wood panel siding reign supreme. It is these aspects of the Eastern Seaboard that are alluring to the homeowners of Orange County. Southern California is a refuge from the seasonality of the Midwest and Northeast, which is why so many people move here. These motifs remind our homeowners of the American Dream and are built in a perfect climate. As an added bonus, the homes fare incredibly well along the picturesque shores of Newport Beach and Corona del Mar because they were built to withstand the cold, wet shores of the east. With both the style and location in mind, it’s not hard to see why living in an Eastern Seaboard home along the Newport Coast is the true American Dream.

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