What Does Your Front Door Say About You?


t’s the first thing guests see when they’re waiting to be invited in, it’s a symbol of welcoming, it’s what lets people into your most sacred place—your front door is one of the most important aspects of the home. Letting people into your inner circle and giving neighbors a glimpse into your personality, your front door says more about you and your home than you normally think about. It determines how much and what you place on your porch for seasonal decorations, what plants and flowers look best in your front garden, and how the rest of the exterior is perceived. When choosing a color for your front door, take a moment to reflect inside and let yourself shine through. What does your front door say about your personality and your home? Find out with these six colors:



You prefer a streamlined look that never goes out of style. Not to say you don’t have a flair for color, you prefer a subtleness to the way you accessorize. Although it’s not a “warm” welcome, a gray front door leaves more room for a fun garden or entryway without being distracting.


You are a glass-half-full type of person, and your home is bubbling with positive energy. Neighbors and passers-by will know right away that you are happy-go-lucky and you try to sprinkle a little sunshine with everything you do. Your home reflects that attitude. Be careful not to clutter your walkway or garden with a lot of knick-knacks or decorative garnishes, as the door stands as a bold statement on its own.


Cape cod or UK inspired, red doors have a warmth about them that is also very posh. Your home is sure to be elegant on the inside and invites positive energy. Chinese culture also considers red to be a color that brings luck, so your guests are bound to have a good experience when entering your home. A red door is a way to add color to your entryway without overwhelming it. You can still have the rest of your exterior gray, black, white, or covered with ivy and have a front porch that draws attention. 


Cool, calm, and serene, a teal front door instantly makes your home more laid back. It reflects your easy going attitude. Beckoning a beachy vibe, teal front doors seem almost resort-like. Reminiscent of a getaway to Mexico or Spanish abodes, having a teal front door turns your front porch into an area of free energy, creativity, and resort-like relaxation. Friends and family often escape to your home to “wind down” or vent about their issues. A teal front door makes your home an unguarded space that promotes emotional healing and freedom.


Forget your middle name, “chic” might as well be your first name. The equivalent of the perfect “little black dress,” you can never go wrong with a black front door. Keeping things simple and stylish, you can accent it with gold hardware and it becomes reminiscent of a Gucci loafer—perfect for any occasion. Friends come to you for classic style advice and you’re usually the first one asked to attend a new swanky bar. A black front door is timeless and sophisticated—much like you—giving way to endless opportunities for porch decorations or succulent gardens. Hang a gorgeous wreath on the front and your home will look like the front page spread of “Better Homes & Gardens.”


A white front door is crisp and neutral, which reflects your desire for an ultra-organized home. You like things clean, tidy, and wrapped up in a nice bow. You are the friend that hosts the most coordinated parties, down to the place cards and napkin rings being perfectly uniform. You have a love affair with your label maker, and your closet is color-coordinated. Loved ones come to you when they need help sending out invitations, planning an event, or proofreading a cover letter. White front doors allow you to put your efforts into the rest of your home, such as a manicured front garden and beautiful, classic light fixtures.

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