Discover Pirate’s Cove at Corona Del Mar State Beach

There is something for everyone at Pirate’s Cove beach in Corona del Mar. Rock climbers, kayakers, swimmers, romantics and people watchers love this spot. And what cove is complete without a cave? No one knows how deep the main cave is since bars have blocked the entrance for many years. Rumor has it that the bars were placed there to protect curious explorers from getting caught inside the cave at high tide. Also called Rocky Point, the beach is one of three sections of the Corona Del Mar State Beach. The best way to get there is to use the stairs from Look Out Point on Ocean Blvd at Heliotrope Avenue. You can also climb over the rocks from Big Corona State Beach. A unique sandstone type rock forms the caves and cliffs which attract rock climbers of all skill levels. The Pirate’s Cove rocks are legendary among adventure seekers of all ages.

The beach is protected by two jetties so the calm waters make this a popular spot for families. Kids love to wade in the waters where they may discover an array of sea life. But be advised – Big Corona and the southern coves of the Crystal Cove State Marine Conservation Area (SMCA) are considered a Marine Protected Area. There is absolutely no collecting of animals, shells or rocks from the tide pools.

Visit the OCMPAC at for more information. Check the newspaper or a tide chart before you visit the tide pools of Pirate’s Cove – conditions are the best and safest at low tide.

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