Whether You Should Save or Spend DIY or Buy

In a Pinterest-devoted world, we have all pinned a DIY that seemed plenty doable, but ended up costing us more–usually in tears and sometimes even blood (it happens). Current home trends are hard to miss when scrolling through our social feeds, but which ones are worth just buying from a store instead of rolling up our sleeves and doing it ourselves? Here are four trends that we think you should either build yourself or go to the store to pick up. DIY or Buy

Tufted Headboard DIY or Buy

A Pinterest-worthy bedroom is nothing without a tufted headboard. These luxurious looking bed frames instantly spruce up a bedroom. We investigated to see if it was worth buying one or trying to create one on your own. We found a pretty solid DIY by blogger Home Made By Carmona. Although it looks promising, there are a lot of steps involved. You can’t complete this DIY without already owning a headboard, since you have to strip it down as the frame. So all in all, we recommend saving your fingers from tedious button-stringing and just splurging on a tufted headboard–especially if you need to buy a headboard and don’t already own an old one to remodel. The blog claims that you can create your own tufted board for $50, which is amazing. With most tufted headboards coming in at a much higher price point, we think the extra money would be well spent in order to rest on your bed in peace. But hey, if you have an old headboard you want to jazz up, check out the DIY here.

Hanging Shelves

How adorable are those little floating shelves that we’ve been seeing, holding succulents and other trinkets while being tethered by string, wire, or leather straps? We can’t help but notice the impact these little shelves have on a small space. Minimalist and chic, these shelves get expensive fast. The clear pined craft wood used in this DIY can be purchased at a craft or homeware store for around $2.49. Add some thick string and a metal ring, and your shelf is coming in at around $10 to make compared to the same shelves you can buy off Etsy for $50. If you own a drill and have some patience for leveling a shelf, we think making your own hanging shelf is worth it. DIY or Buy

Faux Fur Chairs

A faux fur chair is one of our favorite ways to instantly make an office space, or really any area of the house, cozy and chic. Some of the cutest chairs price for about $150-200, which seems a little steep for something so simple. That’s why we love this DIY! With this IKEA chair coming in at only $40, it makes having more than one faux fur chair in your space more accessible. Just get a can of gold spray paint, a faux fur throw or rug, some pins or strong glue, and get ready to roll up your sleeves. A chic chair is just one DIY away. DIY or Buy

Industrial Wooden Console DIY or Buy

This is one of those pieces that we so badly wish was easier to DIY than buy, but sadly, we suggest saving yourself the headache. As gorgeous as this DIY is, it’s pretty in-depth and will probably end up in a few frustrated tears if you aren’t builder-savvy. You’re going to have to have a lot of time and patience in order to pull this one off. We think in this case, you’re better off investing in a store-bought console, rather than wasting your time trying to get the steel hinges put on correctly.

Overall, if you have the patience and are creative, we think DIYing is a fun and fulfilling way to decorate your home. How often do you get to say, “Thanks, I made it,” when someone compliments a chair in your living room or a shelf on your wall? DIY yourself up a cocktail and sit back and admire your craftiness. DIY or Buy

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