5 Pieces That Will Transform Your Home From Summer to Fall

Create a Cozy, Comforting and Warming Living Space with Fall Accent Pieces.



ow that summer is coming to an end it’s time to get our home ready for fall. That means cozy pillows and blankets, autumn leaves and gorgeous centerpieces for the dining room. Five new fall accent pieces that can be added to your home to make it feel more like fall, a great autumn throw pillow or blanket, a fun and festive rug or floor mat. Also use fall elements by adding a fall wreath to your front door or over your mantel, or a dining table display and make a fun craft with fallen leaves and adding them as decoration.



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Throw Pillows & Blankets

These two go hand in hand; one can’t be without the other. Adding a cozy new pillow and blanket can take your light summer living room to a warm and comforting space with a flannel or fuzzy blanket. A great print for a throw is plaid because whatever your decor may be, a plaid blanket will add color and a fall feeling to any space in your home. Another great way to transition your home from summer to fall are throw pillows around your home. Pier 1 Imports has a great selection of throw pillows and blankets to choose from. They are a quick way to add comfort and color in an inexpensive way that can be anywhere in your home, pillows with plaids and stripes with autumn hues can change the look of any room.


Pier 1 Imports

Fall Rugs & Floor Mats

Adding rugs to any room can make your home feel warm and comfy as the nights get cooler. A rug can add color and warmth to a living room, and transform the look with just one large rug that can take a lot of space making it a centerpiece as a fall decoration. Another way to warm up your house with a rug is by adding a fluffy, furry bath mat to your bathroom. Using a rug in your bathroom will keep you warm and dry when you step out into the cold air after a relaxing bath.



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Fall Wreath

A fun and festive wreath with autumn leaves is a great fall accent piece that can make any home more welcoming with fall approaching. A colorful fall wreath hanging with golden, burnt orange and rust red leaves at the front door can transform any home right when you walk in. Another fun fall wreath is with fall fruit like apples or fall gourds that brighten up your guests right when they walk in. The door is not the only place to put a gorgeous wreath, and they make a great centerpiece on your mantel above your fireplace. A wreath is a great accent piece for either indoors or outdoors that can easily decorate your home for fall.



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Table Display

A beautiful way to alter your home from summer to fall is with table displays whether it is a coffee table, a side table in the hallway or your dining table. Adding fall accent pieces to different tables in your home make the space more festive and welcoming. Decorating a side table or coffee table with some crabapple branches in a mason jar or using an old rustic pitcher filled with faux wheat or neutral autumn flowers can make a small area ready for fall. Another great way to decorate your table is by using a pumpkin as a vase, cleaning the pumpkin entirely out and adding fall flowers and plants can give your table a fresh new feel. Also using full hydrangeas and fallen leaves accompanied by pumpkins can be a bright centerpiece for your table.


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Crafts with Fall Leaves

A fun way to get the whole family involved, while also making great fall accent pieces for your home is by using fallen autumn leaves as artwork. Finding colorful leaves that have fallen from the trees around your home is a fresh way to add color and bring the fall elements into your home. Drying out the leaves and then placing them on white paper makes them look like an individual piece of art, or using various dried leaves and making a full looking fall tree can make a beautiful piece of art, while also having a great time with the family.



Fall is a great time to express with colors and enjoy time with loved ones. Add these small fall accent pieces to your home to create a space that is warm and cozy. These festive pieces will transform your home from summer to fall right away.





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