Go Deep Sea Fishing With Captain Newport


For many, the ocean represents freedom. The opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of life and spend time with your family on a totally customizable fishing trip would create a precious experience worth having. The excitement of heading out to the ocean with full anticipation of catching a Blue Fin Tuna, Halibut, seeing a whale or dolphin, or heading to Catalina Island and spending the day there before heading back later in the evening, is not something most people have the equipment or time for. Captain Newport provides everything you need and more to set you up for that catch of a lifetime.

Captain Newport, located in Newport Beach, offers two boats for a full fishing experience. One is a 2008 Bongos that can reach up to 20+ knots, fully equipped with fishing poles, bait and all your needs to catch big game fish off the coast of Newport Beach (holds up to six people). The other boat is a Formula 330 SS which can carry up to eight people. The ocean experience of each passenger can range from ocean veteran to absolute beginner. Each boat comes with a Captain who acts as a guide and has at least 20 years experience with the boats and the waters around Newport Beach. Captain Newport will take you to where all the fish are, provide the poles and bait, and even clean and filet the fish for you right on the boat! Sashimi anyone?

Captain Newport offers a full fleet of chartering services, ranging from a cruise around Balboa Island, a Cigar Cruise, and even a Whale Watching Cruise. They have a total of eight boats for chartering, ranging from six to 149 people. Captain Newport offers a great experience and the friendly service will make any trip a good investment. Who doesn’t want the next greatest fishing tale and quality time well spent with family?

Q: What are the best months for fishing?

Reuben Pasandi: June, July, August, September and maybe in October — it all depends on the water temperature. Last year was our best year in 80 years and they figure this year will be the best year in 100 years. I just heard that they are catching Marlin around Santa Barbara Island, which is pretty far north, which means the warm water is up there. Blue Fin Tuna, Yellow Fin Tuna, Yellowtail, Durato … these are all the game fish and they are here, but you may have to travel a little. Currently, they are not right out in front of Newport Beach, so you have to go down by San Clemente or go further out to Catalina.

Q: How far would you go out to gain access to the fish?

RP: As a passenger, you don’t really need to worry about distance because we have speed on our side. You just tell us what time to need to be back. We have a great boat for these day trips because it can go really fast. We can do twenty-five knots in an hour — like first thing in the morning. You just run out to the fishing area, then you slow down and fish. That’s the advantage of having a fast, sturdy boat.

Q: Would you suggest to bring the kids on one of these fishing adventures?

RP: You can absolutely bring the kids! But with the children you would do bottom fishing, you’re probably not going to go out and catch a Durato. There’s a place up in Huntington I know about, they’ve dumped a bunch of concrete and they’ve made an artificial reef. This is a good place to take the kids, among others. There are a lot of great fishing spots available, and it definitely can be a family experience. It doesn’t have to be six dudes drinking Budweiser.

Q: How many miles do you go off shore to go fishing?

RP: I would say on average your going to travel 20 miles each way, so let’s just call it fifty miles overall. If you decided to go to Catalina and back, that’s fifty miles. You might decide to go to Catalina, fish on the way there around the kelp patties, have lunch in Catalina, and then come back — that would be a great day.


For more information on the adventures provided by Captain Newport, you can check out their website www.captainnewport.com

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