How to Stay Warm During Cold Winter Months

There is something very special about curling up in front of a cozy fire, especially if it is with someone you love. It is not just about the warmth, it is the beauty and aroma of the fire and the memories that come back to us. Carrying the wood, placing it in just the right position, and lighting the fire, this is the part we enjoy most at our home. Taking time to be aware of the moment – the new year is upon us and new memories are being made. We hug our littlest one and remember when our teenager still felt awe and amazement at the lighting of the fire. Then we all gather and feel the magic of the warmth spreading over us and quietly, we think of our blessings.

For our family this time of year is full of tradition. We always plan a trip to Woodhill Firewood when we are in the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations. They are a family business and know the value of making our traditional visit a wonderful event. If you are looking for a long burning firewood with a great aroma, the oak and almond mix is perfect. They stock 22 and 16-inch lengths of their famous hardwood mix.

Woodhill Firewood is located in Irvine at Bake Parkway and Irvine Center Drive. Call 949-837-9663 for directions or visit

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