How to Turn Your Master Bedroom Into a Master Suite


We all deserve to have our bedrooms be a beautiful private sanctuary where we can get away from it all for a little peace and tranquility.  Here are a few points, top to bottom that will help you create your special space.

Starting at the top, add some special lighting.  If ceiling heights permit add a beautiful chandelier.  Theres nothing like good lighting to set the tone of a room.  There are also a lot of great looking flush mount light fixtures available if you have lower ceilings.

If you have the space, rather than using a standard small size night table opt for a full size chest that will not only be proportionally better by filling the space, but it also creates additional storage and an opportunity to display a few pretty things to make the room feel special.

Invest in some nice quality bedding that also has a little personality.  You don’t have to go crazy with tons of throw pillows but a few special looking ones will add a little pizazz.

Create a secondary spot for you to relax.  It’s nice to not have to always lay on the bed when you want to read or visit with a loved one.  If you don’t have as much space as the one shown here maybe you have room for a chair or even a bench.

Add some pretty pillows and other decorative accessories. Don’t be afraid to use some color to brighten the room.

The Master Bathroom Can Be a Special Space Too

Pamper yourself with a pretty vanity chair and try to keep the clutter out of site and off of the counter tops.  Use your cabinets and drawers to hide all of your necessary items and save the counter tops for pretty soap dispensers, other decorative containers and maybe a pretty picture frame with a loved ones picture to greet you in the morning.

This room really pops with the addition of colorful window panels and a pretty vanity chair with pom pom detailing. Details like this are what make a space stand out. Don’t be afraid to make a statement and add a little whimsy. To finish it off and make more of a statement, opt for one large area rug instead of a lot of smaller rugs scattered around the room. By adding a few special touches you can make your bedroom into a beautiful Master Suite that you will look forward to coming home to.

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