Highlights From the 24th Annual Philharmonic Design House

Every year, the Philharmonic Society searches for a spectacular home to feature as their annual Design House. This year’s choice was a fantastic oceanfront property located at The Strand at Headlands in Dana Point. The designers transformed the 8,656 sq. ft. home built by Jim Martin into a coastal Mediterranean Masterpiece.

With the unique collaboration of design and music, the House of Design is the key fundraising effort each year for the Philharmonic Society Youth Music Education Programs that reach 160,000 Orange County school children free of charge. On the following pages, are a few of the rooms with comments from the experts that designed them.



The kitchen of today is the main attraction and the happening hub of the home. It is no longer a tucked away little cubicle, separated and disconnected from the action. It is where everyone gathers – the center of life and entertainment for family and friends. This colossal kitchen comprises all the amenities for a world class chef or a busy family. The stunning visual appeal contributes to the overall beauty and functionality of the home and many memories will be made here.

Designed by Wendy Ann Miller, WAM Interior Design.


Kitchen Pantry

The days of the often forgotten, ordinary pantry are in the past. These days, pantries have become fun, secret, surprise places to make their daily visitors smile. It can be a place that stores your favorite treats or the everyday makings of a great spaghetti sauce. There is no need for boring. Pantries can be whimsical and functional at the same time. Let your imagination carry you away!

Designed by Wendy Ann Miller, WAM Interior Design


William’s Room

Inspired by Moby Dick, The Old Man & the Sea and Pirates of the Caribbean this space feels like a young explorer’s dream. The deep blue accent wall stirs imaginings of the ocean while the color on the remaining walls employs beachy tones, pale and sea beaten. A quiet reading nook is essential for broadening the mind and absorbing all there is to know about the creatures lurking in the depths. The desk is a very special vintage feature. Fully restored, it’s a perfect surface for William to create his Explorer’s scrapbook and maybe finish his homework.

Designed by Lighting Innovation & Metamorphosis Designs


The Guest Suite

Soothing shades of blue, pale gray and white arouse feelings of refined luxury. A touch of silver adds sparkle to this serene room. The sunny retreat transports guests to a place of pure relaxation where they will experience the delights of coastal life. Transitional in design, the bedroom features unique furnishings in varying textures and materials — from smooth leather to soft velvet to cool metal accents. Luxurious bed linens, dramatic embroidered draperies and a shimmering silver leaf ceiling create a welcoming space for guests.

Designed by Deirdre Eagles Interior Design


Spa/Zen Room

The challenge was to transform a small windowless space into a tranquil and relaxing room for a replenishing 60 minute escape. Simplicity and serenity counter balance hectic schedules in the outside world with layers of white, neutral beige, and sensuously cool aqua. Colorful soothing water images in the art were selected while rustic and natural pieces juxtapose luxury elements in the furnishings. A unique branch inspired LED chandelier drifts above. The designers believe that rooms should affect your senses…

Designed by Julia Caro and Steve Alt Design Group

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