The Essence of Inspired Outdoor Living



Customize outdoor fabrics & trims to make the look uniquely yours

Refined living should have no boundaries. With Orange County homeowners increasingly looking at their outdoor living space as a natural extension of their interior décor, this credo is both relevant and on-trend. Luxury living should accommodate a seamless transition between the look and style of indoor and outdoor living areas. The climate in Southern California offers the opportunity for the outdoor space to serve as a primary venue for both entertaining and recreation.

Outdoor living, once defined by pool areas and simple water features, has evolved into expansive and sophisticated hardscape designs, incorporating plush deep seating, large-scale formal dining, full kitchens and integrated media centers. The most critical element for inspired outdoor living is ample and luxurious seating. Key features in premium products are scale, cushion comfort, unique finishes and custom fabric and trim options. In many cases, the scale of today’s outdoor living areas will accommodate a pair of sofas or a large sectional in addition to a grouping of chairs.

Cushion comfort for outdoor designs should be indistinguishable from that of fine indoor furniture. Finishes, whether cast aluminum or all-weather wicker, should feature the same detailed handwork that one would see on interior furnishings. Finally, the ability to fully customize outdoor fabrics, trims and fringes should be limitless to make the look uniquely yours.

Choose luxurious deep seating for maximum comfort.

For most of us, our home is the most tangible reflection of our personal style. Here in Orange County, the boundary between indoor and outdoor living is blurred because of our ideal climate, offering us the ability to create grand and inspiring spaces that retain continuity in the design theme. In other words, refined living really does have no boundaries.

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